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California Public Records Act: How to Respond, the Nuts and Bolts and New Updates


The Language of Insurance

A3 Build a Barbed Wire Fence to Keep Sexual Predators Out
A5 Applicant Fraud - How to Get a Case Filed
A6 The Wild, Wild West of Succession Planning: Your People, Your Board, and the Law

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Insurance Landscape from an Underwriting and Claims Perspective

B2 Supervising & Managing Employees After COVID-19: Navigating Employee Leave Rights and Teleworking & Other Accommodation Requests
B3 Optimizing Your Claims Management Program to Reduce Losses & Risk

Navigating Requests for Support Animals as a Reasonable Accommodation


Understanding How to Risk Manage the Impact of Special Education Environment on School Liability

C2 How to Outsmart the Snake: Defenses to the Reptilian Litigation Strategy
C3 When Your Excess Workers’ Comp Carrier Fails You
C6 Shelter in Place: Liability in the PostCOVID 19 Remote Workplace
D2 Many Claims, Limited Pots: Allocating Multiple Claims Under Aggregate Group Limit Insurance Policies

Peer Support Programs are a Risk Management “Must” for Law Enforcement/First Responders

E3 Peer Support Programs are a Risk Management “Must” for Law Enforcement/First Responders
E4 Everything They Didn't Tell You When They Put You In Charge of Your Entity's "Insurance"

Re-Imagineering the IIPP for Compliance; A Road Map to What the Code Really Means

E6 Coverage For Claims By Employees – Gaps and Overlaps Typical Coverages and what the Coverages Provide and Don’t Provide
F1 Breaking Down the Most Significant Appellate Decision Since SB899: How Lindh Brought Law & Order to the Apportionment Wild West
F2 Geeking Out as a Risk Manager - Using Actuarial Tools to Manage Your Financial Risk

Effective Strategies to Combat Frivolous Lawsuits Against Public Entities

F6 Cyber Security and Your Agency
G1 Blazing the Telemedicine Trail Following COVID-19
G3 Choosing Your SIR - It’s More than a Number
G4 Does Your Indemnity Pass the Attorney Test?
G5 Wanted: A Workable Sidewalk Ordinance

Are Structured Settlements Still Relevant (Using Structured Settlements to Close Claims)

H3 The Art and Science of Habit Change
H4 Captives and Municipalities