This scholarship program is dedicated to Ben C. Francis (1931-2008) one of the founding members of PARMA.

In 1974 Ben Francis, along with other prominent risk management professionals began efforts to form a risk management association. On October 24, 1974 bylaws for the Public Agency Risk Management Association were enacted.


The PARMA Board of Directors established a scholarship program for public entity employees. Specifics of  the program are as follows:


Any employee of a member public agency pursing an Associate in Risk Management (ARM), Enterprise Risk Management Professional (ERMP), Associate in Risk Pool Management (ARPM) or Risk Management for Public Entities (RMPE) shall be eligible. To qualify for reimbursement the application should be submitted either prior to or during enrollment in the class. Payment for previously completed course work will not be part of the reimbursement program. The program must be completed within five years of approval of the scholarship award.


Complete the bottom portion of this form and submit with:

  1. a written sponsorship statement by a representative of a PARMA member agency (send separately)
  2. a statement of your ultimate goal(s) in the field of risk management (provide below)
  3. a description of your participation in PARMA, including at the local Chapter level (provide below)
  4. any other related experience or information you may wish to submit in support of your scholarship request (provide below)


A three-member committee, appointed by the president of PARMA, shall select the candidate(s) to be

awarded a scholarship. This selection shall be based upon the candidate’s statement of his/her ultimate life goals in risk management and other related information. No member of this committee may be a sponsor of a candidate, nor may a committee member be a representative of the same public agency of a candidate. One of these committee members shall be an Associate Member of PARMA. 


Up to four scholarships may be awarded each year. Payments of up to $500 shall be made upon evidence of successful completion of each of the national exams for each of the part(s) of the courses leading to the designation. Copies of expense receipts for class tuition, books, and exam fees should also be submitted. Actual reimbursement will be based on receipts submitted and will not exceed $500 per course. Expenses reimbursed by applicant’s employer are not eligible for additional reimbursement from the Fund. If you are interested in participating in the scholarship program, please complete this form and the other requirements listed above.  

To apply for the scholarship, complete the online application.