There are two types of members in PARMA. The first are Regular members, and the second are Associate members. No member shall hold more than one membership in the organization.

Any public agency as specified in the California Government Code or similar laws in other states shall be qualified to become a Regular member of PARMA. Regular members may vote and be elected to the Board of Directors. No member may transfer a membership or any rights arising from membership. The Board of Directors may grant individual lifetime memberships.

Dues for Public Entity Memberships are currently $300 per fiscal year and for Associate members $450 per fiscal year (the PARMA fiscal year is July 1 - June 30). The individual employees of a member firm receive the benefits of the entities membership.

Applicants shall be admitted to membership upon making application and upon payment of the membership dues. The membership is nonassessable.

The Associate members are comprised of all public and private entities, which do not qualify as a public agency under the California Government Code or similar laws in other states. These members are usually providers of services to Regular members, such as law firms, insurance brokers and agents, third party administrators, and other similar services connected with the provision of risk management to public agencies.

The Associate members have the same rights and privileges as Regular members, with the exceptions of the right to vote or to hold office.

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