Member Spotlight - Russ Olsen

Tell me about how you became a risk manager? After two years, I dropped out of college. I could not figure out what I wanted to be if/when I grew up. In fact, the university invited me to pick a major or stay home. I elected to stay home. A few years later, a friend of mine earned his Masters Degree in Environmental and Occupational Health with an Industrial Hygiene emphasis. He told me about some of his work experiences and I was fascinated. I had not known there was such a degree or job. So, I went and earned myself a degree in Health Science with an Environmental and Occupational emphasis

Member Spotlight- Tyrone Spears

Tell me about how you became a Risk Manager? I fell into the Risk Management/Workers’ Compensation field. My desired occupation growing up was to become a Judge. What are the rewards you experience professionally by being a PARMA member? There are so many rewards and benefits in being a member of PARMA. The networking, education, and resources provided by PARMA is worth it all. How has your professional knowledge expanded by interacting with other PARMA members? I have benefited greatly by networking with my fellow PARMA chapter members. I came to the City of Los Angeles from the private

Member Spotlight: Avic Nazario

Tell me about how you became involved with risk management. When I started at a municipality as a Human Resources Department of One, risk management became inherent to my job. Since the City of Artesia and the City of Commerce were both members of the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA), I worked closely with the Authority’s Risk Managers to assess and manage risks that are unique to our organization and the community as well. Other than administration of workers’ comp and liability program, I learned a lot when I was facilitating contract analysis, assessing insurance