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Avoiding the Danger Zone - Minimizing Risk and Defending Claims for Dangerous Condition of Public Property, Inverse Condemnation

A2 Insurance 101 - "Am I Covered?"
A3 How Are the Current Public Entity Carve Outs Doing?
A4 Spin the Wheel, Permanent Disability Edition!!!
A5 It Takes a Jedi: Balancing ADA/FEHA and Industrial Injury Claims
A6 I'm Going to Shoot Up the School
B1 Actuarial Hocus Pocus - The Magic Explained

Lessons From A Black Swan and Other Odd Ducks


What  Happens When The Service Dog Eats The Comfort Hamster:  Managing Mental Illness In The Workplace




Pulling at the Heart Strings of Safety - Making the Emotional Connection

B5 Let's Talk About Sex(ual Harassment)
B6 Best Practices for Vacant Building Protection
C1 The Life of a Construction Defect Claim Workshop
C2 The Hits Keep Coming: Our Ever Changing Understanding of CTE

Using Video to Monitor and Modify Risky Driving

C4 The Evolution of Vocational Rehabilitation Experts in Workers Compensation Claims
C5 Engage Afterburners: Assessing Wildfire Impacts…It’s More than the Heat
C6 The Force on Fraud
D1 Complexity

The Art of Non-Submission

D3 Out Front Ideas Live: Biggest Risk Management Challenges Facing Public Entity Employers 

Cal/OSHA, Surviving an Inspection 

D5 The ABCs of Cyber - Assessing Vulnerabilities, Balanced Responses and Coverage Pitfalls
D6 Gimme Shelter: The Homeless Dilemma for Cities
E1 Early Resolution ~ Sorry Works

Workers' Comp Bingo 2019


Bingo - Handout - Master Template - 2019

E3 Contractual Risk Transfer Overview 

Cal/OSHA,  Top Citations and Why They Stick

E5 Student Rights, Safety, and Responsibilities

Collaboration Workshop: Mining the Experience of Your Peers to Solve Real Problems

F1 How FEMA Grants and Property Insurance Can Maximize Recovery for the Public Agency
F2 Defending A Public Entity Case At Trial - Analyzing Trial Issues and Explaining The Trial Process Step-by-Step
F3 Contractual Risk Transfer Indemnity & Additional Insured Issues 
F4 Settlement and Closure of Safety Officer Claims – Analysis and Solutions
F5 The Education Code v. Workers Compensation 
F6 Natural Disasters and Risk Management
G1 Advanced Technology – Levels of Autonomous Vehicles and Collision Avoidance

Going Cold Turkey: Opioids, Prop 215 and Other Drugs - Strategies to Manage and Minimize Abuse

G3 Contractual Risk Transfer Hot Button Issues 
G4 Complexity - Repeated
G5 The Benefits of Structured Settlements ‐ (Are They Still Relevant as a Negotiation Tool?)
G6 Winning a Public Agency’s Risk Culture War: ISO 31000 Strikes Back!
H1 Schools Interchange
H2 Psychiatric and Stress Claims How Not To Go Crazy Just Because Your Employee Did
H3 Third-party Negligence, Subrogation, and Workers Compensation
H4 Accident Reconstruction – How Can it Help You?
H5 From Start to Finish: Implementing Effective Workplace Wellness Programs Citywide