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Seeing is Believing - The Increasing Importance of Visual Presentations in Trial

Cogent Legal

Smith Animation

Smith Five top quality ways to visually capture a scene for litigation

A2 Out Front Ideas Live: Biggest Risk Management Challenges Facing Public Entity Employers
A3 Shots Fired - Police Officer Psyche Injury Claims
A4 Adaptive Workplace Wellness Programs
A5 California Model Programs for Managing Municipal Tree Risk
A6 No More Deep Pockets! Defending Your Dangerous Condition of Public Property Claims
B1 Liability 101

CalOsha Reportings: Obligations and Best Practices

B3 The Care & Feeding of Excess Insurance Carriers: Litigation Communication and Coordination

The Return of Psyche, Sex, and Sleep to Workers’ Compensation



B5 Legal and Ethical Limits of Surveillance
B6 The Reinvention of Organizations
C2 Improving Safety By Changing Behavior

Alternative Dispute Resolution - ADR for Workers’ Compensation - The New Paradigm

Alternative Dispute Resolution For Workers' Compensation

Alternative Dispute Resolution Ripon and Workflow Handout

Alternative Dispute Resolution Additional Handouts

C4 Millennials 2.0 – Attracting and Developing Your Eventual Replacement
C5 Recent Verdicts & Settlements that Make You Go Hmmmm!
C6 Black Swans, Predictable Surprise and Complexity, Thinking in an Exponentially Evolving World
D1 Beating the Odds: Ways to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Injuries and Costs

Transportation Liability: Smoothing the Road for Transit Agencies, Cities, and Other Public Entities

D3 The Litigation Process for Public Entities: From Discovery to Done
D4 Light Duty Programs in the Context of an IDR Claim
D5 Seven Habits of Highly Successful Safety Coordinators
D6 Workers’ Compensation 102
E1 When FEHA, ADA, and Workers’ Compensation Collide: Reconciling California’s Disability Accommodation and Workers’ Compensation Requirements
E2 Law Enforcement & Risk Management Synergy for Liability Claims
E3 Tomorrow’s Ergonomics: Workplace of the Future
E4 Workers’ Compensation Bingo 2018
E5 Risk Management 101 - Where Are the Alligators?

ERM: Adding Value to Your Public Agency

ERM Adding Value to Your Public Agency

PARMA Case Study Participant Handout

F1 Got a Full Plate? You Need a Quick Table-Top!
F2 A Real-Life Anatomy of a Catastrophic Claim
F3 Defending High Exposure Design Defect and Dangerous Roadway Condition Lawsuits
F4 Advanced GeoSocial Investigations for Risk Management
F5 2018 Risk Transfer Update - Part 1
F6 Effective Governing and the First Amendment
G1 Cost Allocation 101

US Homeland Security Consulting Services for Government Cyber Security

US Homeland Security CRR Slick Sheet

US Homeland Security CSA Fact Sheet 2014

G3 The Challenge of Making Everything Old New Again
G4 Workers’ Compensation Issues to Watch in 2018
G5 2018 Cyber & Tech Liability Risk Transfer Update – Part 2
G6 Education Interchange