PARMA is excited to announce a new series of no cost webinars related to various aspects of managing COVID-19.  The series titled COVID Conversations will be presented by "subject matter" experts.  Each Conversation will include a 45-minute presentation with Q&A to follow.  You won't want to miss these engaging, thought provoking conversations.

Watch for email notices with registration links coming soon! Visit our events calendar for more specific information for each webinar as it becomes available.


Date: August 20, 2020     Time 11:00am     Subject: Facility Considerations

This session will address how to manage facilities to minimize COVID-19 risks including custodial practices, cleaning schedules and procedures, HVAC systems and how routine maintenance is done.

Presented by: Forensic Analytical Consulting Services                                              


Date: August 27, 2020     Time: 11:00am     Subject: Employee Management

This session will include the elements of contact tracing, temperature checks and protocols, social distancing, PPE selection and use. 

Presented by: Forensic Analytical Consulting Services     


Date: September 3, 2020     Time: 10:00am     Subject: Absence Management

Managing employee absence is difficult in the best of times. Introduce COVID-19 and the shelter in place and shut down that followed and the playbook quickly becomes obsolete.. We will take a look at what the new normal may look like and how to apply lessons learned in the days ahead.

Presented by: Sedgwick - Bryon Bass                                                                


Date: September 10, 2020     Time: 10:00am     Subject: COVID Claims

Key workers’ compensation defense issues including determining the date of injury, latency, and contribution.

Presented by: Brenna Hampton and William Davis. Hannah Brophy                                        


Date: September 22, 2020     Time: 4:00pm     Subject: COVID Case Management

We have re-scheduled the webinar for Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 4:00pm. 

Special Considerations for managing an employee who becomes ill with COVID and fall within the workers’ compensation framework.

Presented by: Karen Mazza and Lea Mendez, Allied Managed Care                   


Date: September 24, 2020     Time: 10:00am     Subject: School Immunity for COVID

This session will provide discussion and analysis of school immunity bill proposed in AB1384, including where the bill is in the legislative process and next steps, including other legislative action involving COVID.

Speakers: Christine Baker from Baker & Welsh, and Faith Borges from CalAdvocates/CAJPA    


Date: October 2, 2020     Time: 10:00am     Subject: COVID Crossover Issues

This session will cover the interaction and collision of how COVID crosses over into both the workers’ compensation realm and the employment liability realm.  Topics such as employee management, reasonable accommodation, FMLA/CFRA, unemployment, and absence management will be discussed.

Presented by: Michael W. Sullivan and Eric De Wames; Michael Sullivan & Associates


CANCELLED Date:  October 8, 2020  Time:  10:00am      Subject:  COVID’s Impact on Coverage

The pandemic has devastated much of our economy, forcing the closure of so many small and medium size businesses. Do they have any recourse to recoup some losses through insurance coverage, and if so, what would that look like?

Speaker: Drew Pomerance – Roxborough Pomerance Nye & Adreani


Date: January 13, 2021     Time: 1:00pm     Subject: Cal/OSHA Takes on COVID, New Employer Regulations

Join PARMA for another COVID Conversations webinar on Cal/OSHA’s recently enacted emergency regulations related to COVID-19. Our panel of experts will discuss employers' obligations to provide site-specific COVID-19 prevention programs, safe working conditions and face coverings. Our panel will also discuss outbreaks at the worksite, COVID-19 testing, record keeping and public health department notifications. 

Presented by: Christine Baker – BakerWelsh; Faith Borges – California Advocates Inc.; Len Welsh - BakerWelsh


Subsequent sessions may be scheduled to cover changing conditions, or additional topics.  Changes/updates in the overall pandemic response may also warrant topic updates.