The following sessions were individually eligible for continuing education credit.  Please print the certificates for the sessions you attended.  Certificates for MCLE sessions are not available here as those certificates were given at the conclusion of the session.

NOTE:  Please only print certificates for the sessions you attended AND signed the record of attendance.  PARMA retains the record of attendance in case of audit.

The Basics: The Law of Indemnity Agreements and Additional Insured Provisions 
Sex in the City: Critical Issues for Public Entities in Sexual Misconduct Cases 
Effectively Managing Your CalPers IDR Program
Cal/OSHA:  A Compliance Mosaic
Risk Management Potpourri
The Various Hues of an OCIP - An Owner's Perspective 
Anatomy of a Wrongful Termination Claim  
Cal/OSHA Appeal Process:  Far From Abstract
Latency Lost?  Recent Developments in Rebutting the Cancer Presumption in Public Safety Cases
Running on Empty ~ Fatigue Management in the Workforce
The Advocacy Approach to Workers' Compensation Claims
Fine Art Insurance Challenges
Catastrophic Wildfire and Landslide Losses: Trends and Resolutions
We’re Right, But He’s Dead (Assessing and Defending Police Death Cases in the Age of Video) 
The Trial Process and Alternative Dispute Resolution Options
Big Brother is Watching - Surveillance Cameras and Video Footage to Manage Risk, Protect Property and Defend Litigation
Regulatory Changes For Dealing with Hazardous Building Materials 
Medical Provider Fraud Prosecutions:  Facts Needed for Charging
To Hell and Back - Surviving a Disaster
The Art of Response, the Reality of the Plan
Improve Outcomes with Empathy & Compassion
Advanced Topics on Insurance Requirements in Contracts
Walking the Line of Dangerous Condition and Inverse Condemnation Claims
The Bermuda Triangle: A 3-Way Relationship Between the Employer, TPA, and Defense Attorney
Back of a Napkin Actuarial Estimates
Abstract Expressions of Risk: The Art of the Org Chart
The Examiner Challenge
Inverse Condemnation:  A Guide for Risk Managers
Cyber & Security Insurance Coverage 
Workers' Compensation and Healthcare Issues to Watch
The Effective Use of Mock Trials from a Risk Manager's Perspective
Collision Causes in Municipal Fleets - Change Behavior to Change Results

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