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Underwriting Public Entity Risks

A2 Defense Litigation Strategies for Public Entities
A3 Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

CalOSHA Update

B1 Nonsense Lying Bullshit
B2 The Growing Mental Health Issues
B3 The Tension Between Privacy and the Need to Share
B5 Cyber Liability
C1 State of the Market
C2 Case Studies Successful Strategies
C4 Keeping Your Workplace Safe
C5 When is an Incident an Injury
C6 Liability of Public Entities
D1 Better Together
D2 Understanding the Cost for Not Understanding CalOSHA
D3 How to Make a Perfect Layer Cake
D4 Demystifying the California Tort Claims Act
D5 Its 10 am Do You Know Where Your Employees Are
D6 What is a Violent Act
E2 Run Hide Fight
E3 Insurance 101
E4 Managing Employment Practices

Preventing Childhood Sexual Assault Safeguards and Strategies

E6 PD Ratings
F2 Is Your Safety Program Measuring Up
F3 Get Your Excess WC Carrier to Pay
F4 DEI Done Right

The Secrets for Success in Claims Management

G1 The Restless Workforce

Hitting the Sweet Spot

G4 Defending Safety Officer Heart Presumption
G5 The Sweet Flavor of Transparency
G6 Communicate Like a Leader
H3 Municipal Risk Panel Final