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WC101 Workers’ Comp 101 Session - Novice Risk Manager Program
RM101 Risk Management 101 Session - Novice Risk Manager Program
A01 Risk Management at Disney®
A1 Addressing Municipalities’ Biggest Workers’ Compensation Challenges
A2 Making the Most of Governmental Immunities
A3 Cyber Security: Plan, Prepare, Prevent.
A4 Public Speaking Skills Inside and Out
A5 Property Valuation & Data Collection Knowledge is Savings
B1 Workers' Comp Bingo - Workers' Compensation Legal Update 2018

Navigating the Reasonable Accommodation Maze: Learning How To Avoid Common Landmines and Pitfalls With a Disabled Worker

Alfonso Salazar v Leprino Foods WCAB CA.pdf

DFEH Reasonable Accommodation - PARMA 2017 .pdf


B3 Things That Go Bump In The Night: Streets, Storm Drains and Other Dark and Scary Places
B4 What's So Risky About Alternative Energies?
B5 Law Enforcement Body Cams - What Have We Seen?
C1 “Investigations, Doing Due Diligence And/Or Digging For Dirt” – The “Ins And Outs” Of Public Entities and JPA Investigations
C2 Roadway to Liability: Evaluating Dangerous Condition of Roadway Claims after Cordova v. City of Los Angeles
C3 Shaping the Future of Risk Management
C4 The State of California Workers’ Compensation
D1 Get us back in!  A workshop on resolving complex property claims with your insurer

Managing People - What's Personality Got to do with it

Quick Guide - providing direction (columns).pdf

D3 Getting Lean with Liens
D4 Get 10x the results in 12 weeks
D5 Disaster Response for Public Entity Employers
E1 Cyber Liability: Overview of Risks Facing  Public Sector Entities
E2 Health and Wellness: Realistic Goals and Expectations
E3 Shoot for the Moon
E4 Reducing OPEBs: The New Strategies 
E5 Public Entity Use of the Anti-SLAPP Motion to Strike complaints Brought Against the Entity and its Employees; Explain Anti-SLAPP and How to Effectively Use Those Motions to Dispose of Cases at the Outset
F1 Benchmarking Against Your Virtual Perfect Workers’ Compensation  Program Index
F2 Mastering the Sidewalk Trip and Fall Claim
F3 It is a bird, it is a plane...It's an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle! (1 Hour)
F4 Thinking about Millennials as an Opportunity Instead
of a Risk from a Millennial's Perspective 
F5  2017 Risk Transfer Update
G1 Armed to Learn: Aiming at California K-12 School Gun Policy
G2 Leveraging Technology to Optimize Injury Prevention, Employee Health, and Satisfaction in Public Agencies – A Case Study Presentation
G3 Worker's Compensation Issues to Watch
G4 Cite It, Don't Fight It: The 2017 Case Law Hit Parade
G5 2017 Risk Transfer Update
H1 Police Best Practices:  Cutting Costs Through Culture Change

The Safety Matrix

Training Matrix .pdf

PL Safety Matrix 2016 0415.pdf

ER Prep Safety Matrix - Phases 2016 0415.pdf

ER Prep Safety Matrix 2016 0415.pdf

WC Safety Matrix 2016 0415.pdf

H3 Offensive Risk Management Dollars and Sense
H4 Litigating an FLSA Case
H5 Anything you can do I can do Better
I1 Life Balance - Redefining Humanly Possible