University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resouces

The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) brings the power of University of California research and education to all 58 California counties. Through research and extension in agriculture, natural resources, economic growth, nutrition, and youth development, we work to improve the life of every Californian. Collaborating to solve problems. Connecting to serve communities. For over 100 years, our advisors, specialists, faculty and staff have been committed to connecting Californians to their land grant university. We are highly collaborative and mission-driven to promote the health and well-being of people and places across the state. We are also trusted partners with hundreds of community organizations in addressing California’s most pressing challenges. Department Summary: Risk and Safety Services provides risk management, reporting and management of insurance claims, review of agreements, and consultation to all UC ANR units to reduce and manage all types of risks.

Job Title: ERM Analyst 4 - Associate Risk Manager

Job Description 

The ERM Analyst 4 serves as Associate Risk Manager for UC ANR. Review proposed agreements (including memoranda of understanding, facility use agreements, and others) for compliance with UC requirements and risk management principles and make recommendations to Director and UC leadership. Develop policy and procedures for background checks and division-wide maintenance of criminal record information for employees and volunteers. Develop ANR Enterprise Risk Management program and resolve risk and safety deficiencies within the institution to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and reduction of risk. Conduct and maintain risk assessments of specific ANR programs and activities and work with unit Directors and senior leadership to develop and maintain enterprise-wide inventory of potential risks and mitigation activities. Supervise ERM Analyst 1 and 3, providing training, daily oversight, establish goals and performance standards, and provide evaluations.

Job Requirements 

Apply by: Thu, 06/01/2023

To Apply, Contact:
(530) 750-1264