City of Placentia

At the City of Placentia, we strive to make a difference by continually developing our progressive and innovative workforce. Our team works together to foster an environment that promotes diversity, creativity, and respect for everyone’s opinions to ensure a better result for the community we serve. Quality leadership is paramount to the City’s success. City Administrator Damien R. Arrula is one of the most tenured city managers within Orange County and has been in the city manager capacity since 2015. Mr. Arrula was named by the Orange County Register as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People of the Year” in both 2018 and 2019 and is the only city manager in Orange County to receive this distinction two years in a row. He was also named “City Manager of the Year” by ACC OC. In addition, under his leadership the City has received numerous awards in the areas of planning, economic development, leadership and fiscal stewardship. Mr. Arrula has been a speaker at numerous conferences regarding Placentia’s achievements and notable actions, including CSMFO. The City believes in a philosophy of continuous improvement and seeks to provide employees with a number of professional development opportunities, including citywide leadership academies, Departmental Retreats, professional coaching, and more. If you are interested in a public sector career with an established agency dedicated to improving the way its employee work, develop, and thrive, this position would be an excellent opportunity for you.

Job Title: Risk Manager

Job Description 

The position of Risk Manager is a newly created position in the City of Placentia that will manage a major section or function of the Administrative Services Department. The Risk Manager will lead Placentia’s risk management program to meet the goals of the City Council, City Administrator, and the community. There are a large number of plans and projects underway that require an experienced and proven leader that desires to be a part of our dynamic management team in taking Placentia to the next level.

Under general direction of the Deputy City Administrator, the position will plan, organize, and direct a variety of comprehensive risk management activities with City-wide impact, including general liability lawsuits/claims, property and general insurance administration, worker’s compensation, employee safety programming, loss control and loss prevention.

The Risk Manager will develop and manage a wide variety of activities to ensure the City’s risk management program, loss control, and related insurance functions are administered in a
professional and cost- effective manner.

The ideal candidate will be progressive and forward-thinking, creative and innovative, and able to build upon the current work environment. The incoming Risk Manager must be an active change agent, willing to adapt and evolve to improve processes, methods, and results. An individual who is willing to listen and accept input from staff, third party administrators, and other stakeholders is essential.

The ideal candidate will have high energy, a vision for the future and will see challenges as opportunities. The selected candidate will respond to issues and concerns by recommending alternatives and potential solutions. The model candidate will be a team builder with the ability to coach and mentor staff.

An individual who has experience working effectively with department heads and elected officials, external stakeholders and staff using a collaborative style of management will excel in this position. The City would benefit from a Risk Manager who is approachable with an open style of communication. Candidates should possess a well-rounded background and thorough understanding of a broad range of risk management programs.

Job Requirements 

The City of Placentia is a dynamic community that provides itself on a solution-based government. A typical way to obtain the required qualifications for this position would be:

EXPERIENCE: Five years of professional and responsible experience in public sector risk management, including experience with general liability claims, workers’ compensation, employee safety programming, general insurance administration, loss control and loss prevention programs.

EDUCATION: Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in public administration, human resources, industrial relations, risk management, legal studies, or a related field.

• Experience working in a public sector or public safety setting such as police or fire.
• An advanced degree in public administration, HR, industrial relations, risk management, or closely related field.
• Possession of certifications in relation to Risk Management or Human Resources.

Salary - $114,849.01 - $139,599.60 Annually

Apply by: Fri, 03/10/2023

To Apply, Contact: 
Bob Hall
(714) 309-9104