Wednesday, September 6th: 9am-11am PT


CalPERS issued a memorandum to public agencies on 03/30/2017 detailing their policies with respect to Industrial Disability Retirements, and announcing audits that would soon take place.   They have since conducted an unprecedented 60 audits of member public agencies.   For some agencies the policy does not represent a change in their existing practices, but for many, the announced policies are significant and will dramatically impact how they handle future IDR Applications.  

Hanna Brophy law firm has had discussions with CalPERS about the policy memo and the audits, and presented this webinar to update participants on what all this means with respect to their entity's handling and processing of IDR claims.   The webinar touched on the major changes individual agencies need to be aware of as they adjust their own handling and practices with respect to IDR claims.  

This webinar recording is now available on the Member Resources page, click the button below to login and view.

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