Tell me about how you became a Risk Manager?

I fell into the Risk Management/Workers’ Compensation field. My desired occupation growing up was to become a Judge.

What are the rewards you experience professionally by being a PARMA member?

There are so many rewards and benefits in being a member of PARMA. The networking, education, and resources provided by PARMA is worth it all.

How has your professional knowledge expanded by interacting with other PARMA members?

I have benefited greatly by networking with my fellow PARMA chapter members. I came to the City of Los Angeles from the private sector, so public entity claims and issues were new to me. So many PARMA members freely shared their experiences and knowledge with me over the years.

When did you start realizing you wanted to move into a leadership role within PARMA?

I am not sure I ever realized it (laughs). I was approached by DeAnna Soria, Chair of the PARAM Southern California Chapter, about becoming active in the chapter and I accepted. I first was a chapter advisory member and then moved into the vice-chair role.

After being a member in PARMA for some time now, how essential was joining your professional association?

Joining PARMA was one of the best decisions I made after coming into the Public Entity sector. PARMA allowed me to expand my network and surround myself with some awesome Risk Management professionals.  I have met some many colleagues in both Southern and Northern California. 

How would you respond to a risk manager who says they don’t have time to participate in PARMA and /or moving towards a leadership position?

We make time for things we find important. Once you get involved, you will quickly realize the time commitment is not that great or taxing.

What do you see being one of the largest challenges for the future of risk management?

Staffing and turn-over.

How will PARMA respond to that challenge?

PARMA’s educational offerings at the local chapter events and Annual Conferences will help prepare the new Risk Managers entering the field. The PARMA job board is also a great resource to help find new talent.