Meet Paul Zeglovitch
PARMA Member Spot Light


What inspired you to pursue a career in risk management?

After graduating college, I wanted a job that I could be partially “out in the field.” I accepted a job as an auto liability claims adjuster with Transamerica Insurance and off I went. That was 27 years ago and along the way I found myself in the public entity arena, working with the County of Los Angeles and now cities throughout California. It was during my public entity experience, especially most recently with the California JPIA, that risk management became something that is part of my every day routine.

What do you specialize in?

My specialty is a wide variety of public entity liability claims. I am well versed in dangerous conditions, police liability, employment practices, and inverse condemnation.

What do you love about your career?

I love the complexity of every liability case I am involved in handling. Strategizing the defense and the ultimate resolution of a case, is something that I love doing and am very passionate about.

Why is it important to join PARMA and how has it benefitted you?

I wanted to expand my horizons and meet more of my peers, hence my decision to become part of the PARMA organization. My goal was achieved as I not only met a lot of my peers at our Chapter events, but also formed strong relationships with them. In addition, I have met and maintained contact with a lot of the speakers that have been kind enough to participate in our meetings.

What do you love about PARMA?

I love the laid-back feeling when you are at a PARMA event or the annual conference. While everyone is there to learn, they are also relaxed and happy to share their work experiences with others.

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into risk management?

My advice would be to find a curriculum to study. If it is college, then find a college program and earn your degree. If you’re already a claims professional, expand your knowledge and take the Associates in Risk Management classes to obtain your ARM designation. This designation will give you the understanding of what a tremendous value risk management is, and how you can practice it in your professional and personal lives.