PARMA Member Spotlight

Meet Julie Nester
Senior Manager Property and Liability Program
San Diego and Imperial County Schools Risk Management JPA


Tell me about how you became a risk manager?


By accident!  I got a job right out of school with The Travelers Insurance.  I worked as a claims adjuster and claims supervisor and then started working for employers in different risk capacities.  Eventually, I was promoted to Risk Manager.  It’s been an interesting journey.


What are the rewards you experience professionally by being a PARMA member?

The local San Diego Chapter has been very welcoming.  It’s a great group of people with tons of knowledge and information to share!  The 2020 PARMA Conference was my first time attending.  There were great and informative break-out sessions, good networking opportunities, and fun activities to round it all out.

How has your professional knowledge expanded by interacting with other PARMA members?

I’m relatively new to public agency work so being a member has really helped me learn the differences in pooling vs stand alone coverage.  I’ve also learned a lot from attending the quarterly lunch and learns offered by the local chapter.

When did you start realizing you wanted to move into a leadership role within PARMA?

I was offered a seat on the Steering Committee pretty early on.  I liked the idea of helping plan events and identify speakers and topics.

After being a member in PARMA for some time now, how essential was joining your professional association?

It was very important to me!  It’s been a great way to get to know the leaders in the community and an easy way to become more educated in public sector claims/risk management.

How would you respond to a risk manager who says they don’t have time to participate in PARMA and /or moving towards a leadership position?

I think it’s important to make the time to participate!  Chapter meetings are quarterly, not monthly and it gives you an opportunity to visit with colleagues that have similar responsibilities.  A leadership role isn’t for everyone but it’s a great way to give back to the organization.

What do you see being one of the largest challenges for the future of risk management?

The cost of coverage and shrinking population of carriers.  Also legislative changes, particularly in the state of CA.

How will PARMA respond to that challenge?

By offering innovative educational opportunities and helping to keep the community updated and aware of current trends.