PARMA Member Spot Light - Tony Giles, CPCU, ARM-P

Meet Tony Giles, CPCU, ARM-P
PARMA Member Spot Light

Tell me about how you became a risk manager?

Like most of my risk management colleagues, I came to risk management almost entirely by accident. More generously, I suppose we could say that fate intervened. I worked for the County of Santa Clara for several years in a variety of roles – most of them administrative. I accepted a job as the Senior Management Analyst for the County’s Director of Risk Management. At first, I saw my role as supporting the Director but not really doing risk management. After several years, I started taking on more tasks associated with risk management, ultimately accepting a division manager job doing actual risk work. A couple of years later, the City of Sunnyvale was recruiting for a Risk Manager, and I decided to take a shot at it. One grueling recruitment process later, I was a Risk Manager!

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