Susan eldridge PARMA Conference Scholarship

PARMA’s vision is to assist Public Entity Risk Managers in achieving success in their careers and to provide Public Entities with the support they need to make their Risk Managers successful. With this in mind we design a conference to provide quality education and training in all the aspects of risk management. To help assist in funding, PARMA offers scholarships for the conference from both PARMA as an association and also through its chapters.

The Susan Eldridge PARMA Conference Scholarship is for eligible public entity employees.  The scholarship includes the following:

  • Conference registration;
  • Hotel accommodations, at the lowest priced option for Conference Host Hotel, for a maximum of three room nights;
  • Round trip travel the IRS mileage rate and/or airfare, not to exceed $600. PARMA will consider written requests in which extenuating circumstances are presented that would justify travel expenses to exceed the maximum dollar limit. Such requests should be addressed to the PARMA Treasurer.

Conference Registration and hotel will be paid directly by PARMA.

Each chapter that maintains a specified amount in their chapter treasury may also award a scholarship. If you are interested in either of these programs, download the PARMA Scholarship form or contact your local chapter for information on their programs. You must be employed by a Public Entity to apply.  For more information, please click HERE

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Click here to submit an application for scholarship consideration. 

Click here to submit an application for PARMA Chapter scholarship consideration.











Ben C. Francis Education Fund


IEA Courses

For reimbursement of IEA course studies

Up to $500 per course for books and other fees

Paid upon successful completion of national exam

Applicant submits request to PARMA Secretary-Treasurer prior to starting course

Click here for more details. 

PARMA Chapters

Free registration for public entity members attending annual PARMA conference

Two free registrations per Chapter

PARMA issues each Chapter the ability to conduct a drawing of two names of public entity members who have attended PARMA Chapter meetings

Chapters will notify PARMA registration of the winning names

Winners will provide copy of the Free Registration Certificate to PARMA when registering for the conference

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Ben C. Francis Education Fund

Conference Scholarships

For reimbursement of expenses associated with attending PARMA’s annual conference

Up to $1000 for seven scholarships awarded for each conference

Must be approved by BOD prior to conference

Applicants submit request to PARMA Secretary-Treasurer prior to conference

BOD approves if more than 7 qualified applications received

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PARMA Chapters

Conference Scholarships

For reimbursement of costs associated with attending PARMA’s annual conference

Each PARMA Chapter, that meet requirements,  may award scholarships to public entity members of their Chapters

Chapter determines amount and eligibility for awarding of scholarship

Funds paid by Chapter to scholarship recipients

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Click here to apply

PARMA Chapters
Free Membership

For cost of one year’s membership

Each PARMA Chapter may award up to two (2) one year memberships to Public Entity Chapter members

Chapter notifies PARMA of free membership awards

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